A book for real supporters, those that want to see the game succeed at every level, and see that football is more than the glamorous, over hyped, Sky TV funded spectacle seen almost every day on our screens and in the newspapers. A book that offers a fascinating insight into the game from the early years of Arsenal to the formation of the Premier League, but also makes sad reading for those that love the game at all levels.
There are plenty of stories that the majority of football fans will be aware of, or at least, the headline stories. The Hillsborough and Bradford disasters, the effective franchising of Wimbledon, the set up of the Premier League with the promise of an improved international team, and an almost never ending tale of clubs heading for financial oblivion. Conn has done much research into each topic, and some of the findings make startling reading. How some of the leading figures in football have effectively absconded their responsibilities, quite often for their own benefit, and unbelievably many still hold senior positions in the game. I think we are all aware there is much greed in football, this book exposes many that have got away with running their clubs or the game as a whole into the ground.

The Beautiful Game - David Conn

This excellent book is now more than six years old, and it is interesting to see the change of fortunes of the club supported by the author David Conn in the interim period; Manchester City are probably now the richest club in the UK. Reading Conn’s book and regular blog posts in the Guardian, I imagine City’s current set up would not be held up as an example financial model, and therefore a follow up to this publication would ┬ábe of great interest.

Follow up: And then lo and behold, a Manchester City book by David Conn arrives! Fresh from spending their way to their first title in donkey’s years, Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up is available now. It’s on our Amazon wishlist, and we will review it in due course.