Welcome to Each Game As It Comes.

The blog was named after one of those tired old cliches that’s trotted out by players and managers alike. Everyone just taking each game as it comes….

The aim is to really get the blog going for Euro 2012, but there promises to be a few things to talk about in the interim. Although it looks like Manchester United are well set for their 20th league title after their local rivals have predictably imploded, there is the chase for the Champions League places, the fight to stay in the cash cow that is the Premier League, the race to improve the bank balance through promotion from the Championship, and probably enough other scandal and gossip to keep even a small blog like this busy.

We also aim to talk about the grass roots side of the game, of which we have much involvement, and an area sadly neglected by many. It is after all the backbone of the beautiful game in this country (although I admit some of the football is anything but beautiful), and though some might not believe it, it still is vital to the survival of the game.

We hope you find something interesting, amusing, or maybe even useful in the blog, and please feel free to comment!