Yesterday, I read this article on a man’s experience at Leeds United while taking his 10 year old grandson to his first ever football match.

What a horrible experience. There are sadly many stories these days about club staff who abuse their powers and take the opportunity to bully other supporters for supposed crimes. I’m not for one minute claiming all fans behave perfectly, far from it, however there is little doubt that the action taken here was more than a little over of the top. Will the grandson in the story return to watch games in the future? I doubt it.

What makes the story even worse, is that Leeds United then decided, rather than apologising to the fan, to completely ignore him and punish the friend who had given them the tickets, thus alienating them further and showing themselves to be completely out of touch with the support base, which let’s not forget, is the lifeblood of any club.

Leeds United, hang your heads in shame.