EachGameAsItComes.com surveys all of our readers who download coaching content from us and we are proud and very grateful for the following kind testimonials.
Well set out and easy to understand

Detailed information that is relevant and specific. I have been looking for good material on this formation – very practical oriented.

Clear and concise – acknowledged and provided a variety of options when the number of players present at a training session fluctuate

The diagrams and explanations were helpful and I’ve been able to use them for my team

Training sessions are very well explained and can be conducted by all level coaches

Simple instructions and great diagrams which I found easy to understand and hope to get great results

Very informative on the whole and also on a few little things that could earn you extra marks from the assessors – things that a candidate might not think much about otherwise.

It’s great that they are trying to improve coach education by listening to their issues & provide new material to assist them to improve as coaches.


I wanted to move to 3-5-2 formation and your info has been outstanding.



I downloaded and used the 3-5-2, 3-4-3 formation drills last night and saw an improvement in our final game. It was nice to have drills readily available to support this formation.


Awesome resource for advancing coaching techniques


United States

Brilliant insight into what professional goalkeepers do at the top level. And, just for good measure, superb work by Each Game As It Comes in bringing it to the attention of coaches like myself, who work
with goalkeepers from grassroots level right through.
Tom Scott

Shotstoppers Academy - Glasgow, UK