Back in 2015, we posted an article highlighting the Top Ten Apps and Software for Coaching Soccer. In the world of software and phone apps, things move very quickly, however we still use the Tactical Pad for iPad and SoccerTutor‘s excellent Tactics Manager software.  

Recently we were approached by a new application called Box-to-Box, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Rather than rewrite an article from 2015, we thought we’d put Box-to-Box through its paces and let you know what we thought.

So what is Box-to-Box? It is a football training app with professional content and a virtual coach that creates specific training plans adapted to where you play on the pitch, as well as things like your age, height and weight. As a football coach, you may look at the app and think “how can that help me?” and although the app is undoubtedly aimed more at young, aspiring players, (a quick look at the reviews on Apple’s App Store verify this),  it may prove to be a useful addition to a coaches armoury, particularly a coach of younger age groups.

How could a coach use the app? The best example would be a grass roots coach of younger players, and perhaps in situations where the coach doesn’t get to work with their players on a regular basis (or perhaps for a more extreme example, the pandemic where training sessions simply couldn’t happen). The coach can use the app to challenge their players for their own practice. The app has ten training categories – these are Warm-Up, Juggling, Coordination, Pace, Dribbling, Prevention. Physical, Shooting, Passing and Panna. Each category has a number of levels, so a user can track their progress, and each exercise has a number of points awarded for completion. The exercises include a description and a video so the user can see how to do the particular exercise.

There’s certainly plenty of exercises to keep a user well occupied, however to unlock all the available exercises and take advantage of the Virtual Coach option, you need to sign up for a Premium Plan (see the image above for the payment options). The Virtual Coach is the main feature, which takes into account the players stats (age, height, weight and position) to provide a personalised training plan. There is also additional (paid) content from Borussia Dortmund including player interviews. The app is downloaded into 10 languages, and there is a growing library of over 200 training drills in total. 

The idea behind the app is undoubtedly to provide younger players with some structure and guidance for improving technically and physically. It has similarities to a lot of the Coerver Coaching content, something that we have endorsed here on Each Game As It Comes for improving younger players. It is an app that certainly we would have liked to have when we were young players trying to improve and aspiring to be great players, as a coach now, it can certainly help provide some “homework” type activity away from their own coaching sessions, and certainly worth downloading and having a look at.

Click here to download the app on the App Store and here to download on Google Play.

Note: Box-to-Box asked Each Game As It Comes to review the app. Each Game As It Comes has not received any payment to do so, and our opinion is based on our own view of the product.