Author: Each Game As It Comes

Out of his skin: The John Barnes Phenomenon – Dave Hill

Earlier this year, in the football changing room on a Saturday afternoon, we were chatting about the infamous “Luis Suarez” saga. One of the more outspoken members of the team remarked on how out of character it was for a club who had a proud history to doing so much to promote racial equality. While there may be some truth over more recent times, it showed some sadly common ignorance of the past, particularly the years leading up to John Barnes signing for Liverpool.

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The Beautiful Game? – David Conn

A book for real supporters, those that want to see the game succeed at every level, and see that football is more than the glamorous, over hyped, Sky TV funded spectacle seen almost every day on our screens and in the newspapers. A book that offers a fascinating insight into the game from the early years of Arsenal to the formation of the Premier League, but also makes sad reading for those that love the game at all levels.

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